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When you first call me..

You can briefly share your primary concerns and goals, and ask me questions you may have. Based on this conversation if you decide you want to work with me, we will set up our first official session at a mutually convenient time - day, evening, or weekend. 

We will then work together to:

  • Identify your goals and expectations

  • Develop a change and growth plan with realistic and prioritized goals

  • Address the concerns and implement the plans using your personal expertise on your life and my professional expertise in counseling

  • Adapt - as I learn more about you, your experiences, and style/preferences, I will customize and adapt my approach in working with you. I will seek your feedback in what is working and not working for you & we can together make the necessary changes.

  • Revise - we will continue to review, reassess, and revise the plans, goals, & approach

  • Plan termination and maintenance after therapy ends

Safety, Confidentiality, Collaboration, and YOUR best interests are core elements in my work with you.

In kindness for our planet, I like to be as paperless as possible. Thus, all forms and documents in my practice are handled electronically. I will work with you in managing all electronic information in compliance with all laws around privacy and confidentiality along with your comfort with technology. Also, teletherapy (audio-video online) offers easy access to therapy from the comfort of your home. 

My Approach & Services: Text



Solutions Focused



My Approach & Services: Services
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GROUP THERAPY & Support Groups

Strength in Numbers

Workshops & Training
  • Stress Management 

  • Mindfulness & Meditation


Contact us for details and schedules

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