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I send a feedback survey to my clients when they complete their therapy with me.  With their written permission to share & respecting their choice to present their testimonial anonymously or with their initials,  I present to you what some of my clients have to say about their experiences with me! 

Anonymous, Adult Female

Daksha was supportive, applied her experience and skills to provide solutions. She took the sessions at my pace and I never felt stressed. She was calm, objective, non-judgemental and helped me be more self-aware, accepting, and letting go of negative patterns of thinking.

Anonymous, Adult Male

I felt as though Daksha really understood my issues and collaborated with me on approaches to deal with them. She wasn't afraid to challenge assumptions and brought up a lot of great points and strategies that have helped me going forward.

Anonymous, Adult Male

Daksha's approach was patient and understanding. This allowed me to reflect on the input and put the advice in action.

Anonymous, Adult Female

Daksha challenged me but also provided an equal amount of support and empathy. She gave me strategies to help cope with work stress. She also put things I said into a context that made me able to zoom out and look at my life more pragmatically.

R.F.A, Adult Female

Daksha is excellent, she helped me a lot and I will ask for her help in near future

R.A., Adult Female

What I liked about Daksha's approach was that she was culturally sensitive and had a keen awareness about culture and impact on mental health and her weekly recommendations about self care and compassion are ones that I will utilize daily.

Anonymous, Adult Female

I went into therapy not really believing it would help but I was overwhelmed and desperate. I just didn't think talking about
it would help. But Dr. Arora had lots of practical tools / strategies to help you get back on track. If one doesn't work for
you (e.g., affirmations) she will definitely have other options (e.g., a meditation app). I also appreciated 1) Dr. Arora's habit of
summarizing what she heard before she jumped in with advice; and her ability to help me see my life from a different

I.G., Adult Female

This was my first time trying therapy and I am so thankful to have found Daksha Arora. She is so easy to talk to, sensitive,
and practical with her advice. I look forward to continuing to see Daksha.

Anonymous, Adult Female

Dr Arora was great help to me going trough Breast cancer treatments. My Anxiety was at the highest level when I looked for a therapist. I asked for therapist with experience with
Oncology patients. She was right therapist treating me with empathy, giving me all these great advises to manage my an
anxiety, family
Issues, improve my relationship with my husband and adult children. Overall great experience.

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