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I send a feedback survey to my clients when they complete their therapy with me.  With their written permission to share & my promise to maintain their anonymity,  I present to you what some of my clients have to say about their experiences with me! Below the testimonials are summarized data about the feedback provided by my clients in response to the survey questions.

Anonymous, Adult Female

Daksha was supportive, applied her experience and skills to provide solutions. She took the sessions at my pace and I never felt stressed. She was calm, objective, non-judgemental and helped me be more self-aware, accepting, and letting go of negative patterns of thinking.

Anonymous, Adult Male

I felt as though Daksha really understood my issues and collaborated with me on approaches to deal with them. She wasn't afraid to challenge assumptions and brought up a lot of great points and strategies that have helped me going forward.

Anonymous, Adult Male

Daksha's approach was patient and understanding. This allowed me to reflect on the input and put the advice in action.

Return chart

100% of clients are very likely (73%) or likely (27%) to return to Serene Therapy Center for therapy in future.

refer a friend

100% of clients are very likely (64%) or likely (36%) to refer a family member or friend to Serene Therapy Center for therapy.

teletherapy satis

Teletherapy (online audio-video) became a valuable safe option for therapy during COVID. Clients expressed their preferences here.

survey opinions.png

What does the chart show?

A set of statements about the therapist and therapy experience or benefits were presented in the feedback survey. Clients who completed the survey indicated their level of agreement with those statements to express their opinions about the therapy services they received. 

The response options ranged from strongly disagree to strongly agree. 

How to read the chart?

The blue bars represent strong agreement with the statement; the orange bars represent agreement; grey bars represent a neutral opinion. For example, 82% strongly agree &18% agree with the statement "I was able to make changes in the way I managed things in my life" 

No one disagreed with any of the statements!

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