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Serenity to Accept, Courage to Change, Wisdom to Balance!

Daksha Arora, MS, LCPC, PhD
Your Therapist & Wellness Guide

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Are you Stressed?


You may ask, who isn't these days? But do you know that long-term or short-term, moderate or heavy stress shortens your life by three years? And while you continue to live with that stress, it impacts your sleep, weight,  health, relationships, work performance, productivity, and peace of mind. You have only this one life; don't you want to make the most of it by living with a sense of purpose, peace,  satisfaction, and serenity?






Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel of "never enough" - never enough time, sleep, success, money, performance, or accomplishments? There is pressure to prove yourself in whatever personal or professional role you find yourself and no matter what you do or how much you do, it is not enough! It is not enough for you or for someone else. All this causes stress and a persistent sense of discontent. And then, there are those unwanted or unexpected intensified challenges with health, jobs, finances, or relationships that raise stress levels.

If you want to change this by finding solutions & healthy coping skills. If you want to discover your true wiser, kinder, stronger, happier, and content self. If you want to experience overall complete wellness with a balanced cognitive, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social life, contact us today.


If you are a teen (14+) or an adult (18+) experiencing...

  • Fatigue (feeling tired frequently), Sleep issues, or Physical health issues related to stress

  • Ongoing (chronic) or new (acute) stress

  • Fear / worry / anxiety / persistent restlessness

  • Persistent discontent / dissatisfaction

  • Sadness / depression

  • Anger, Resentment, Temper control

  • Communication difficulties

Due to challenges associated with any of the following: 

  • Life Transitions -

    • For teens: going & adjusting to high school, choosing a future path, applying for college, transitioning to college, etc.

    • For adults: balancing work and personal life choices, career, jobs, retirement

  • Multi-Cultural Identity and Experiences

    • First- & Second-Generation Immigrant issues

    • Balancing the multiple cultures in your life

    • Cultural differences within your own family and friends

    • Generational differences 

    • Pressures of expectations and performance

    • Race and racism

  • Health, Ageing, and Caregiving 

  • Conflicts in relationships at work or in personal life

  • Loss & Grief

  • Or, for any reason

We can help - contact us now to learn how!


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