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Serenity to Accept, Courage to Change, Wisdom to Balance!

Daksha Arora, MS, LCPC, PhD
Your Therapist & Wellness Guide

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Are you Stressed?

You may ask, who isn't these days? But do you know that long-term or short-term, moderate or heavy stress shortens your life by three years? And while you continue to live with that stress, it impacts your sleep, weight,  health, relationships, work performance, productivity, and peace of mind. You have only this one life; don't you want to make the most of it by living with a sense of purpose, peace,  satisfaction, and serenity?

Do any of the statements below resonate with your inner conversation with yourself?

"I am fine/I am strong/I should be able to handle things. I don't have the time. I have too much to do. It is not that big a deal. I should do more/be more/accomplish more/do better/be better.  I need to be a better parent/son/daughter/spouse/partner/employee/manager/professional. I am always tired. I am often unhappy, sad, angry, or just dissatisfied. I am my harshest critic....."

You may be on the hamster wheel of "never enough" - never enough time, sleep, success, money, performance, or accomplishments. There is pressure to prove yourself in whatever personal or professional role you find yourself and no matter what you do or how much you do, it is not enough. It is not enough for you or for someone else. All this causes stress and a persistent sense of discontent. And then, there are those unwanted intensified challenges with health, jobs, finances, or relationships that raise the stress levels.

If you want to change this by finding solutions & coping skills. If you want to discover your true wiser, kinder, stronger, happier, and content self. If you want to experience overall complete wellness with a balanced cognitive, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social life, contact us today.

If you are an adult (18+) dealing with ongoing (chronic) or new (acute) stress, worries, fears, sadness, or conflicts we can help with Stress Management - contact us now to learn how!



Do you or someone you love

have/had cancer?


A cancer diagnosis turns your world upside down. Each of the phases of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and returning to life after cancer treatment presents unique challenges, not to mention the long-term effects. These experiences impact and change your sense of self, identity, self-image, physical & mental capabilities, social relationships, and your future vision. While your medical team appropriately focuses on your chemo, radiation, surgery, and other medical interventions, who is taking care of your mental health? Even after you have eliminated cancer from your body, there is sometimes a persistent underlying fear of it returning. Addressing your psychosocial, cognitive, and emotional concerns during any of these phases positions you to handle it with a better sense of control over a situation that feels like it takes away much of the control over your body and life. 

If you are a woman of any age diagnosed with breast cancer, going through treatment, or has completed treatment and who wants to sort out the fears, worries, sadness, anxiety, depression, or just the confusion and chaos that cancer brings in your life & restore a sense of control, calm, & purpose, we can help you...


Thrive not Just Survive during & after Cancer 

contact us now to learn how

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